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Almarah Technical Services Inc is an independent consultancy with more than 35 years of professional experience and access to a wide selection of specialists in the civil, geotechnical, mining and environmental fields.

At Almarah Tech Services Inc, “professional” isn’t just a designation, it’s a promise.

With Almarah Technical Services Inc, you have a source of considerable experience and confidentiality to deal with almost any issue that can plague your tailings and water management operations.

We work to ensure that your systems are in compliance and capable of meeting your immediate and future production needs.

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About Dennis Netherton

For 35 years as a professional civil-geotechnical engineer and 10 years as a civil technologist my focus has always been on understanding the issues at hand and effecting dependable and timely solutions. Mentors such as Dr. Bert Hoare P. Eng. of Mine Tailings International, Mr. Fred Matich P. Eng. Ms. Chief Engineer of Geocon 1975 Ltd, the senior engineers of Paulo Abib Andery SA in Sao Paulo, Brazil, W A Whaler Associates of Palo Alto, California. This, together with a great deal of one on one associations with senior mine and mill managers worldwide is the assurance that you will receive timely, technically competent and experienced assistance in the solution of your needs and undertakings.

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